5 Best Vpn in 2022 as per Reddit User

5 Best VPNs Free Reddit Users Voted

The views of Redditors who are the self-proclaimed top on the web, shouldn’t be ignored. We evaluate the opinion on behalf of the Reddit community in relation in regards to the no-cost VPN providers.
Reddit is an excellent place to share feedback on VPN services. Many VPN-related subreddits are dedicated to discussing VPNs.
I looked through several posts of Reddit for hours, where users were searching for free VPN suggestions. In relation to these free of cost products I could not find a consensus among users about the best free VPN is of sufficient quality to earn the trust of users.

A lot of Redditors are skeptical of free services and see them as frauds in which the user’s information is sold to a third party for monetization.

As Reddit isn’t able to reach consensus on the top free VPN I’ll present a few of the top free VPNs I has proven to be 100% trustworthy through threads that have been upvoted. I’ll also share the opinions of Redditors on the free VPNs in this post in regards to reliability, speed and security.

But, Redditor users completely agree about the lack of capability of free VPN providers when in comparison to top VPN providers. One of the most effective VPN providers, “ExpressVPN,” can alone outdo more than 20-30 free VPN providers when it comes to meeting the needs of internet users and needs.

So, we strongly suggest to purchase ExpressVPN which can provide you with absolute anonymity as well as all the modern security tools that even a basic VPN cannot provide. It also comes with a remarkable 30-day money-back assurance with 3 months free for the annual subscription, which is available for the first 30 days of the subscription.

While they’re charging you no cost, they’re making money by directing ads at your site in exchange for selling the personal information and web browsing information to various third-party organisations.

They also place restrictions for their services, like lower bandwidth, smaller servers, and extremely low bandwidth. These limitations render these services virtually unusable. Contrary to high-end VPN service providers, these are unable to take care of your streaming, gaming and torrenting requirements.

According to Reddit Before we dive into our top FREE VPN list, it’s worth noting that there are top VPN providers which can be just $2.49/mo and offer better security and privacy than the free VPN could ever provide.

Certain advantages of Premium VPNs

Free VPNs aren’t any superior to premium VPNs. Let’s take a look at the reasons

  • Unlimited bandwidth and a vast network of servers that span almost all the major countries.
  • High-speed internet speed, with load-balancing on servers.
  • Zero-log policy guarantees absolute privacy and complete anonymity.
  • Compatible with the majority of operating platforms and devices.

Here are some premium VPN providers that are superior to free VPNs with regards to security privacy, speed, blocking and an optimized experience.

ExpressVPN – The most highly recommend VPN among Reddit users


There’s nothing better than this service in terms of security, speed and features, accessibility and performance. If you want to enjoy complete internet freedom and enjoy all it offers with total security and anonymity it’s only ExpressVPN. It also is backed by a no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee and 3-months free with an ExpressVPN Annual subscription.

Fast Overview of 5 Top Free VPNs Reddit Users voted for

1.Windscribe – has received positive review on Reddit. It’s available with 10 servers across 10 countries, with 10GB/month bandwidth, and has speeds of 92.74 Mbps over 100 Mbps of connection. As per Reddit users they recommend this as the top free VPN that comes with military-grade AES-256-Bit encryptionand kill switch and a strict zero-log policy.

2.ProtonVPN -is the best Unlimited free VPN. It provides servers in only three locations (The USA, Japan, & Netherlands) and provides speeds of 89.54 milliseconds on 100 Mbps connections. It is equipped with military-grade AES-256-Bit encryptionand kill switch and secured main servers it is the top Unlimited free VPN solution, as per Reddit.

3.Hide.Me Hide.Me – Popular Free VPN on Reddit. It has servers in five countries, and includes 10GB of data per month. It’s a popular Free VPN for users on Reddit and has an average of 86.45 Mbps over 100 Mbps connectivity DNS, IPv6 leak security, as well as AES-256-Bit encryption.

4.TunnelBear -A decent Free VPN according to Reddit. It has VPN servers in 23 countries, and has 500MB/month bandwidth. In our tests it was able to provide the average of 88.24 Mbps over 100 Mbps of connection. It has a broad server network, high-end encryption as well as a zero-log policy, making it a great free VPN.

4.Speedify -is fast for the web as per Reddit. It has 53 servers across 35 countries as well as the ability to limit data usage to 2GB per month. It offered speeds of 93.75 milliseconds on 100 Mbps connections as well as AES-256 ChCha encryption, zero-log policy and five simultaneous connections.

Best Free Reddit VPN [Updated January 2022 – January 2022ยป

These VPNs 100% reliable and has an excellent reputation for their reliability on Reddit and are free to use. If you’re looking to get full-featured VPNs that don’t have any limitations in their capabilities, you’d prefer paid Reddit VPNs.

Let’s concentrate on free VPNs. Reddit Users Who Voted The Most in 2022.

Windscribe -Best reviews from Reddit

Key Features:

  • 10 server locations
  • 10GB/month bandwidth
  • Unlimited simultaneous connection
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • Internet kill switch as well as WireGuard protocol

Windscribe provides both free and paid version of its VPN software. There are additional benefits when you pay for a subscription, but the free version is quite good for free services are concerned. It is a favorite among the Reddit community generally loves the company:


Its basic version Windscribe comes with a limit on bandwidth of 10GB per month. This may be too small when you download a lot of documents, but it’s nonetheless a lot more than the other free services provide.

It provides the option of 10 servers, and is quite good in the world of services that are free. You can download torrents as they are supported by P2P protocols, however, the VPN does not allow unblocking of Netflix. To do that, you’ll require a subscription that is paid for.

Windscribe is fairly excellent for security and privacy. It supports AES-256 encryption and is a privacy-friendly log policy, which only records your username, servers and bandwidth. It also offers fast download speeds.

It’s an impressive set of features, which makes Windscribe the perfect choice. It also has the endorsement from Reddit’s free VPN users.

For more details, read the Windscribe VPN review.

ProtonVPN is the Best Unlimited VPN for Free As per Reddit

Key Features:

  • 3 server locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Single VPN connection
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • Secure Core Secure Core, Forward Secrecy, Internet kill switch and WireGuard protocol

ProtonVPN is another no-cost VPN service that users on Reddit appreciate. Here’s an Reddit comment to a thread on ProtonVPN paid plans and. the free version:

As you can see, the main distinction between the paid and free packages of ProtonVPN is the greater quantity of servers concurrent connections, as well as support for Netflix and torrenting.

But, ProtonVPN has been voted as the few VPNs accessible for free that doesn’t have bandwidth restrictions. You can use unlimited data and speeds for no cost, but there are only three servers (US, Netherlands, Japan) in this version.

Furthermore, it utilizes robust encryption protocols and tunneling that include OpenVPN and AES-256 as well as the best privacy policies which does not save any logs of users.

So, ProtonVPN is an excellent option for a free VPN which has the endorsement by Reddit users. Reddit free VPN community of users and its performance speaks for itself.

Learn more about the service in the ProtonVPN review.

Key Features:

  • 5 server locations
  • 10GB/month bandwidth
  • Single VPN connection
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • Internet kill switch and Ad-blocker

Hide.Me has received a mixed review on Reddit. It’s mostly because Reddit users who use free VPN users are not a fan of free services, and it’s not because of any legitimate concerns about its service’s quality or its privacy.

The provider has five server options: Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, US East, and US West. It also supports p2p , but it doesn’t integrate with Netflix. The data, however, is limited to 2 GB per month.

In the end, Hide.Me is a very efficient service if you’re seeking a cost-free option.

Learn more about the Hide.Me service by reading the Hide.Me review.

TunnelBear – A good free VPN according to Reddit

Key Features:

  • 41 server locations
  • 500 MB/month bandwidth
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • VigilantBear and GhostBear
  • TunnelBear is a well-known and FREE VPN service. Many threads on Reddit are old due to its popularity has diminished over time because of its issues when blocking Netflix. It used to work perfectly with Netflix but it’s not anymore:

TunnelBear provides a 500MB/month limitation on bandwidth, and it’s a bit small. It’s among the major disadvantages of TunnelBear VPN. However, it does offer an even wider selection of servers than the majority of free VPNs and has more than 41 server locations available to select from.

The provider used to keep a record of information about the user, however, the service has changed its logging policy, which means it does not keep any sensitive data in its logs. It has a for-free VPN Windows 10 app and other popular platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Mac. If you’re looking for a low-bandwidth VPN that meets your usage needs, TunnelBear is a pretty good option to use for absolutely nothing.

Learn more about this service by reading the TunnelBear review.

Speedify – Fast for internet, as per Reddit

Key Features:

  • 53 servers spread across 35 countries.
  • 2 GB bandwidth per month
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • ChaCha 256-bit encryption
  • Internet kill switch and DNS/IP leak protection

Speedify is a great free VPN with a speedy result. The VPN is focused on increasing connectivity speed across all your devices over all other factors and tends to be slightly more efficient than other VPNs. The VPN has a bandwidth of 2GB per month limit, which is decent however it may not be enough for high-speed internet use.

Speedify uses ChaCha 256-bit encryption, which provides privacy online. The encryption is said to be harder to break than the traditional AES256-bit encryption. Other features include the death switch IP leak security, as well as a good torrenting support.

The VPN does keep records of IP addresses as well as timestamps. However, its location within the US means that the VPN very risky to rely on for your crucial online activities. These attributes make this service a top choice for users of the free Reddit VPN users.

For more details read this comprehensive 2022 Speedify Speedify Reviews!

The best VPN free for Torrenting Reddit

Many users of Reddit offer different recommendations for a no-cost VPN that allows torrenting. My personal experience as a reviewer supports the following Reddit review, which cites Windscribe as a good choice to torrent:


A lot of providers limit torrenting on version free of their VPN applications, which makes Windscribe stand above the rest. Additionally, Windscribe doesn’t simply support torrenting. It also comes with security measures to ensure you are protected from data leaks out, and also allows anonymous downloading.


Thus, Windscribe is good for more than just an inexpensive VPN. But, you’ll eventually be unable to use the bandwidth when you download too much.

If you’re looking at unlimited speed, Ivacy could be considered the top free VPN for torrenting , if you take advantage of its 30 day money-back guarantee.

Top Subreddits for VPN Tips

There are a variety of subreddits that you can go to for help with VPNs. Here are the top ones.

  • The r/VPN subreddit is solely based on discussions about VPN services available on the market. Users can post personal reviews and opinions on the services and receive assistance with technical problems.
  • The subreddit is r/VPNReviews there are reviews from users who have submitted their own reviews of VPN applications.
  • The r/VPNTorrents subreddit The fact is that not all VPNs are suitable for torrenting. This subreddit lists the top VPNs, both paid and free, for torrenting on Reddit.
  • The r/privacy subreddit is general privacy-related reddit, with details about VPNs and other aspects of privacy.
  • r/NetflixByProxy Netflix blocks the majority of VPNs available. In this subreddit, users discuss their experiences using different VPNs and how they can remove the blockage of Netflix.
  • The free VPN service is for Reddit FAQs
  • What exactly is Reddit?
  • Should you utilize a VPN when you access Reddit?
  • Are you able to make use of Reddit to communicate with China?
  • Conclusion
  • According to the consensus of the community the most effective Free VPN for Reddit does not exist, nor is it generally recommended due to the past of free VPN providers selling information about users to make a profit.

The free VPN service is for Reddit FAQs

What exactly is Reddit?
Should you utilize a VPN when you access Reddit?
Are you able to make use of Reddit to communicate with China?


According to the consensus of the community the most effective Free VPN for Reddit does not exist, nor is it generally recommended due to the past of free VPN providers selling information about users to make a profit.

However, a variety of reliable VPN services are free, like ExpressVPN which a majority of Reddit users are happy with. While it’s true that ExpressVPN isn’t a cost-free VPN however, their 30-day money-back guarantee lets you check out the service in depth for the first 30 days, and then cancel the service when you’re not completely satisfied with the service.

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